Egyptian Wonderland is celebrating its 1st anniversary!!! I started my first sketch on November 18th, 2020. What started out as a design for a children’s mural, quickly grew into a style that all ages have come to admire.

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Egyptian Wonderland is a celebration of the achievements of African history. Celebrating the fantastic spiritual creation stories from the dawn of time. Bringing them back to life in technicolor with the hopes to inspire not only Africans from all over the diaspora who have forgotten their history but to all the people of the world who love Egyptian history. When we learn and understand the true history of different cultures around the world, we gain respect and admiration for each other.

I’ve been painting hieroglyphs off and on since I was a teenager, and recently I wanted to see if I could recreate ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs into a folklore story telling style. After 18 magical days of putting it all together, Egyptian Wonderland was born!

The initial style derives from folk art found in ancient cultures as well as in modern western ones. Often seen woven into garments or rugs, the simple geometric shapes are easy make scenes and tell stories.

The colorful shapes compliment each other creating vibrant patterns that look great as paintings or digital art. The magic happened when I placed them on clothing and other objects, they took on a new life of their own. They bloomed into an assortment of wearable art and printed artworks designed to inspire and tell the creation stories of the ancient African masters of civilization.

Allow the ancient wisdom of the pharaohs from the dawn of history remind us of an enlightened, spiritual, and supreme moral compass we humans possess. May it inspire a new awakening of the magnificent African contributions to the world and help guide us all towards a bright future together!

Art for everyone has always been my motto with my art and now with Egyptian Wonderland, it gives me the perfect language to share it with everyone on many different economic levels.

Doran DaDa