Kemetic YoKa Mat


Did you know that the ancient Egyptians also had a form of yoga centered around the Ka (kundalini) energy and the Tree of Life? This unique first of it's kind Kemetic YoKa Mat is designed with ancient African wisdom and technology that the pharaohs harnessed from the Gods. This limited edition YoKa mat is an inspiration map to learn ancient mystery school teachings.

It's bright & colorful and designed for the fearless and adventurous person, I call it "The Bright, The Bold & the Beautiful"! It can be used as a mat for exercises and stretching, or it can also be hung up as a piece of art on your wall.

• Rubber form material textured non-slip bottom of yoga mat

• Suede surface fibers comfortable touch and a better water oil absorption

• Add washing liquid into water and wash by hand, roll it up completely dry

• Great for studio or home or outside picnic, easy use less than 3 mm